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Tuition and Policies


$20 per half hour lesson
$35 per hour lesson

Families with more than one student are charged $20 for the first half hour and $15 for each additional half hour.


Payment for the entire month is due at the first lesson of each month.  That payment reserves a certain lesson time for you for the entire month.  Similarly to college tuition, payment is made in advance, and the cost is the same whether or not the student attends class on a particular day, regardless of the reason for the absence.  What you are really paying for is not for a lesson, it is for a spot on my calendar.  That spot is “rented” by each student on a monthly basis, whether or not the student attends each week.  (I sometimes joke that I teach for free...  I just charge for my time.)

Monthly tuition varies with how many lesson weeks there will be in each month.  In months when there are five teaching days, the tuition for that month will be extra for that extra lesson time.  Conversely, my personal vacation days and musical performance days will be subtracted from the monthly tuition, so occasionally a month may have only three lesson weeks because of that, and tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

Lessons are not taught on the following holidays:
January 1 (New Years Day)
July 4 (Independence Day)
July 24 (Pioneer Day)
4th Thursday of November (Thanksgiving Day)
December 24 (Christmas Eve)
December 25 (Christmas Day)
December 31 (New Years Eve)
If one of those holidays falls on your lesson day, you will have the option of either scheduling the lesson for another day that week (if possible) or just skipping that week at no cost to you.  This provision applies only to the actual holidays, not to other days surrounding the holidays.  For example, if your lesson day were to fall on December 23 or December 26, tuition would still be charged even if you choose to not attend the lesson that week.

In rare cases when I miss a scheduled lesson for any reason (illness, family emergency, etc.), a credit will be issued towards the following month's tuition.

If you know you will miss a lesson for any reason, please inform me as soon as possible, as a matter of courtesy.  However, my teaching schedule is completely full and I have a fairly long waiting list of people who want lessons and I can’t fit them in.  Because of this, makeup lessons are not possible unless another student happens to cancel a lesson that week.  If you request a makeup, I will let you know if there is a cancellation, but if if there is no makeup time available in that week, there will be no tuition refund or credit, nor will a makeup be carried forward to a future week.

Tuition may be pro-rated for a month in which you intend to stop taking lessons.  To qualify for pro-rated tuition, you must inform me of the date that you intend to stop taking lessons, in advance (no later than the date tuition for that month is due).


Payment for each month's tuition is due at the beginning of the month, on the date of the first lesson for that month.  I accept payment in cash, checks, and major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, and Discover).


As a general rule, I highly recommend that students continue taking lessons during summer and Christmas vacations.  I am a firm believer in keeping students' minds working and their time productive during holidays.  Music lessons and practicing provides valuable structure and continuity to their lives.  Most students have significantly more time available to practice during vacation weeks and months than they do during school weeks and months, and wise parents enforce more practice time, not less.  (In fact, some parents have found that summer is a good time for a student to take lessons on a second instrument in addition to their primary instrument.)

Another factor to consider is that if you stop lessons for any reason, including for summer vacation, your lesson time will not be held for you.  Please understand that my calendar is completely filled and I have a waiting list for lessons, especially for prime lesson times.  There is no guarantee that your time slot -- or any other time slot -- will be available if and when you wish to resume lessons.